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Greetings Freedom Fighters,

Allow me to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you for your support of my re-election and that of our phenomenal leadership team, which will enable us to lead our beloved NAACP in New Jersey for the next two years.

TEAMWORK makes the DREAM WORK and it is because of this teamwork and the dedication shown by our leaders and members at the state and local level that we have been able to move the mission and agenda of the NAACP forward – – TOGETHER!!!   Your overwhelming support is a clear indication that you like I am excited about the direction of the NAACP New Jersey State Conference.   There is much work to be done and we must be up to the task….

It’s true that the NAACP is the largest and the oldest, the baddest and the boldest, the most loved and the most hated, the most feared and revered, the most cussed and discussed and the often imitated but never duplicated civil rights organization in America.  That reputation was established by those who went before us, so the question to each of us must be, “what are we doing individually to sustain and more importantly build upon that reputation?”  We now have a heightened sense of expectancy for what lies ahead.  We will stay true to the NAACP mission and will continue to fight the good fight for civil rights and social justice with an intensity and voraciousness that is second to none.  Educating, legislating and litigating like never before…   We will TOGETHER, continue to expand our sphere of influence in upholding justice and promoting equality across the State of New Jersey.

God Bless You and God Bless the NAACP.

Richard T. Smith, President

NAACP New Jersey State Conference

4326 Harbor Beach Blvd. #775, Brigantine, NJ 08203, president@njnaacp.org, (609) 310-0211

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